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MHE About

mhe India is an electronic & electrical development and manufacturing company from Germany.

We are bringing over 20 years of experience from Germany to India in numerous branches in the field of customized electronics. Innovative mhe engineers and their extensive experience in the industry guarantee high-standard and top-quality electronics products to Indian market.

Making your visions possible – We provide customized electronic engineering for your needs.


hardware development
  • Concept and design
  • Specification
  • Project planning
  • Circuit design
  • Simulation
  • Layout
  • Prototype construction
  • Functional testing
  • Environmental compatibility tests
  • Redesign
  • Documentation
MHE Hardware Development
MHE Layout
  • Placement of single-, double- and multilayer circuit boards THT/SMT
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) design
  • Layout systems: PADS, Integra, OrCAD, EAGLE
software development
  • Microprocessors 8, 16, 32-bit, signal processors
  • Programming in C or assembler (as required)
  • Debugging, emulation, testing
  • Documentation
MHE Software Development
MHE Serial Production
serial production
  • Complete material procurement
  • Manufacturing by external partners
  • Final assembly and comprehensive function testing
market sector
medical engineering

Special requirements need special measures – a never ending flood of scandals in the sector of medical engineering compel legislators to keep tightening standards. In cooperation with our customers we develop electronics for medical appliances that meet these demands. We adhere to ISO 13485.


  • Electronics for medical tubs (galvanic baths)
  • Electronics for cuff controllers
  • Electronics for tourniquets
Industrial Electronics

Sturdiness, durability, reliability, function in rough environments (EMC), ... these are but some of the demands industrial electronics are expected to cope with. Our extensive experience in this field guarantees that your products lives up to these expectations.


  • Electronics for extraction/suction systems
  • Electronics for screw compressors
  • Sewer and drain inspection systems
  • Electronic load for engine test stands
  • Electronics for cogeneration plants (combined heat and power, CHP)
LED Technology

Lighting technology has changed drastically over the last ten years and power-LEDs are widely in use nowadays. We have been active in the sector since 2003 and have come by profound knowledge and wealth of experience on the way. In close cooperation with lighting designers we will help your vision of object illumination become reality.


  • Electronics for LED indicators on motorbikes
  • Lighting for lecture halls, churches, theatres
  • Electronics for special lighting designs
  • Electronics for controlling UV-LED arrays for hardening paints and varnishes
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